All of the activities listed below are included in the nursery fees. The activities are chosen to enhance children’s learning and development and therefore vary throughout the year. The day for each activity may also vary from term to term so that part-time children have a chance to take part.

Activities vary across the nurseries.


   Forest Schools

forest-schoolChildren are encouraged to develop independence and self-confidence, and will have hands-on experience of learning new skills such as building dens, making and using tools, finding and identifying woodland creatures and plants and cooking on the open fire. Through all of these activities the children learn to respect their environment and keep themselves safe.

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   Mini Strikers

mini-strikersThis is a fun sport session which is led by experienced, qualified professionals. The sessions are designed to make physical exercise fun from an early age. The children will use equipment such as balls, bats and hoops and all the activities help to develop skills such as jumping, balancing, coordination and team-work.




Children take part in a planned cooking session, led by a qualified member of the staff team. We introduce children to a variety of foods and ingredients from around the world, both sweet and savoury. These sessions develop the children’s understanding of the environment when discussing where food comes from as well as introducing skills for maths and science through the weighing, measuring and cooking


Zumba is an extremely popular and well-known dance exercise for all ages, and we are now able to offer this at nursery, structured for young children. A qualified Zumba teacher uses fun and energetic music, with different rhythms and beats, and the children follow the instructor in a combination of dance and exercise moves, which develop their physical skills and coordination.



Our swimming lessons take place at Stantonbury Leisure Centre with a qualified instructor. The children work towards recognised achievements, gaining badges at each stage.